Do you have confidence building a new life science business or bringing a new technology to market?

Devin T. Miller, MD

The Translational Science Visionary

Devin is an expert in translating novel scientific discoveries into dramatically successful business ventures. Prior to launching his consultancy practice, Devin utilized his medical degree from Johns Hopkins University as the director of product development and innovation strategy at a publicly-traded biotechnology company. In that role, he oversaw the translation of basic science research into an FDA‐registered clinical product in less than one year. Before that, he guided the life‐science investment methodology for a boutique venture capital firm. Devin has worked with and learned from some of the greatest minds of our generation producing a track record of inspired collaboration and trailblazing achievement.

Devin has published in numerous peer‐reviewed journals, speaks on the international level, and contributes to his community through a variety of professional society memberships and volunteer efforts.

Devin’s data‐driven approach from years of scientific experience, human‐centered understanding of business, and professional knowledge in the financial, technology, and healthcare sectors empower him as an impressive implement of change in any organization. He delivers value by inspiring knowledge cultivation, creative thinking, effective communication, and rapid implementation.



Devin will guide you to dramatic results in record time. His areas of expertise include:

  • Bringing new life science discoveries to market
  • Building successful businesses around technological innovations
  • Effective communication among diverse stakeholders


Devin speaks to a variety of audiences about the importance of translational science and the strategies and tactics necessary for effective innovation. His tailor-made presentations are informative and entertaining for venues ranging from small group gatherings to large keynote addresses.


Are you a business leader with complicated scenarios in need of parsing? A scientist with a bold new discovery and uncertainty with how to proceed? An advising arrangement allows you unlimited access to Devin as a trusted advisor and insightful behind-the-scenes partner with whom you can develop ideas, test hypotheses, and expedite decision making leading to successful outcomes.

Typical Client Results

  1. Effective processes for generating bold ideas, products, and initiatives
  2. Rapid translation of research and development projects to profitable products
  3. Massive return on investment for innovation efforts
  4. Effective engagement with regulatory agencies and payor infrastructures
  5. Preparation for and successful acquisition of investment funding
  6. Identification of valuable new market opportunities
  7. Successful execution of complex initiatives
  8. Dramatically enhanced interdepartmental collaboration
  9. Significantly reduced time for effective decision making
  10. Effective communication involving technically complex topics


Devin is one-in-a-million! He has been a close colleague for over a decade. He not only possesses a keen scientific mind capable of conveying complex topics to anyone, but he also ensures that those around him are living up to their full potential by continuously pushing for excellence. Devin is someone who you need on your team.

—Erika Tanaka, M.D., Attending Ophthalmologist, Kaiser Permanente

Devin is one of the most adroit individuals with whom I have had the pleasure of collaborating. His ability to recognize and define a problem, generate hypotheses, gather pertinent information, and execute a data-driven plan is outstanding. He is comfortable with technically complex topics as well as holistic and strategic issues. His expertise in collaborating with groups to achieve desired results is a benefit to any institution or business. Whether you are seeking help generating organization-wide change or coaching for individual improvement, you cannot go wrong by choosing Devin.

—Madeline Fryer, MMSc, Harvard Medical School, Former Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Research Fellow, University of Massachusetts M.D. Trainee

Over the past five years, my colleagues and I have worked extensively with Devin to develop and execute high impact preclinical research in competitive sectors of academia and industry. Devin understands the complexities of working within and between fields of basic, translational, and clinical science. He has mastered the art of uniting high-level innovation and research strategy with logistics, daily operations, resources, technical and analytical expertise. His integrated background in science and medicine enables him to seamlessly jump onboard at any stage of investigation and maximize all avenues of success. He is a lifelong collaborator, teacher, researcher, and physician who is truly committed to advancing medicine and scientific discovery.

—Caroline Garrett, DVM, DACLAM

Chief Veterinary Officer, Attending Veterinarian, Arches Research, Inc., Salt Lake City, UT.

Former Director of Large Animal Clinical Medicine and Surgery,
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

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